Stef's challenge - Crossfit battle

Stef's challenge 

1st part: 7min AMRAP (=as many rounds as possible)

7 x Shoulder to Overhead (any style) @ 45/60 kg
14 (7 steps each foot) x Walking Lunge @ 12/20kg dumbbells
7 m Handstand walk

1 min break 

2nd part: 3min AMRAP Burpee

10 min break

3rd part: 9-6-3 reps (as quickly as possible)

Handstand push-up
Front squat 45/60kg



- 5 rounds, 12 walking lunges
- 43 burpees
- 4 minutes, 10 seconds


- 5 rounds, 7 shoulder to over head
- 38 burpees
- 3 minutes, 50 seconds

Steffit is a crossfit competitor, personal trainer and blogger from Finland. I knew that I took a risk when I suggested a crossfit battle against her. She created this workout and as you can see, I lost the battle. However, we filmed this humiliation and the workout was great. Furthermore, we had a lot of fun. Obviously her physique is pretty convincing. She would beat many men in this workout ! Check out the video !

P.s. Her shorts distracted my concentration !

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