Scandinavian Hunk Workout

Scandinavian Hunk Workout

- Smith Incline Bench Press 4x10
- Bench Press Pyramid 1-11-1 (Total: 121 reps. First set includes 1 rep, second set 2 reps, third 3 reps etc. After 11 reps decrease one rep per set. Rest while your partner is working.)
- Incline Bench Press + Lying Kettlebell Tricep Extension 4x10+10 (SUPERSET)
- Barbell Floor Press + Leg Raise 4x20 (SUPERSET, 10 reps of each movement per set)
- Single-Arm Medicine Ball Push-Up 3x10 (Few seconds hold in the up position)

Ville Erola is a personal trainer and a dancer of Scandinavian Hunks. He showed me how to train triceps and chest like a hunk. Couple times during the workout I thought that my chest is going to explode. Try this workout if you're not afraid of nice pump in your chest and triceps :) 

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